Auto Enrolment - An Update

It's almost two years since new workplace pension legislation came into effect, although you would be forgiven for thinking a far lesser period had passed, based on recent experience with scheme providers.

It is not a time to be naive and simply assume the traditional pension scheme providers will have a) the expertise and b) the capacity to accommodate your company scheme.

Some refer to these institutions as the 'dinosaurs' of the industry. Still reeling from Stakeholder legislation (and paying for the costs of setting up an maintaining empty shell schemes), our experience is that inadequate staff training and limited capacity is making it near possible to place schemes or revise terms of existing schemes so that they qualify.

For those SMEs who would rather not pay hefty penalties, nor be let down by inadequate provisions of the traditional providers, we have vetted and tested many top rated alternative systems. After stringent testing, we have secured a solution that will enable businesses to meet their Employer's duties simply, with no minimum staff number, no minimum premium, can be set up last minute (if needs be) and is very inexpensive. ALL costs can be funded on a monthly basis helping to manage the cashflow of the business.

A forward thinking company, Nurture Financial Planning has always pursued industry leading technology to ensure that the very best service can be provided at the very best price giving true value. This has lead to providers offering Nurture exclusivity of their products and systems which we feel greatly benefits our clients. For more information, please contact Simon Linstead or Laura Pipe on 0844 800 3370.