Why We Think Being Socially Responsible is so Important

At Nurture Financial Planning, we do a lot to help local charities and have raised thousands of pounds for a number of very worthy causes.

Chartered Financial Planner, Robin Sainty explains our ongoing commitment:

"I've been asked several times recently why I still take part in activities like the Grand East Anglia Run for charity and the answer is very simple. I've been lucky enough to have a secure upbringing and a fulfilling life but I've also seen an awful lot of hardship and suffering both in theUKand around the world. As I've got older I've become no less idealistic, but I have become more pragmatic and realise that most of us will not be able to solve the problems single handedly. However, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't all do what we can, because lots of small actions can add up to something that will generate real change."

We feel very strongly that as a financial services firm, we should take some social responsibility, not because we have to, but because we want to. After settling into our new offices, we shall be using our 'Office Warming' as our next fund raiser. Keep tuned for details.