Ditch Salaries in Favour of Packages

Auto Enrolment doesn't have to be a burden. In fact, included as part of an overall Employee Benefits package, the company's pension could help attract and retain valuable, productive staff, essential to ensure the ongoing success of the business.

With Auto Enrolment, even the smallest of Employers will have to offer pensions to their staff. Studies have shown that pensions are the company benefit valued most by employers.

With the changes announced in the Budget, pensions are more attractive than ever. These rules changes may encourage employees to contribute more and ultimately benefit from a higher fund value part paid for by the employer.

Schemes are still tricky to place due to the supply and demand 'bottleneck' so the advice is to start early, forming the pension payment as part of an employee benefit package, replacing just salary alone.

We predict a new era of retirement planning, and aim to be at the forefront of any technological developments to ensure that we make the most of this fantastic opportunity to provide high quality advice, that will help our clients achieve their financial goals.