Actions Speak Louder Than Words...

Welcome to my fourth bi-monthly commentary which I am writing to provide a perspective on what I am doing on a daily basis in my working life and drawing attention to anything which has happened to me since writing the last blog.

As a business, we often look to contribute to a charitable cause or raise funds and there are of course many ways in which this can be done. Whether it be a sky dive or a raft building race or whatever else is required to raise the necessary money. We take our responsibility as a business very seriously and we aim to shy away from the brash arrogant image that so often is associated with the financial services profession.

So when it comes to raising money, how about if you actually get close to the cause for which you are raising money to understand exactly what or who you are raising money for?

This Thursday, the 12th November, myself and two of my colleagues, Jonathan and George are going to experience what many people have to endure day in, day out on the streets of our fine city and beyond. We are sleeping rough in Norwich to help The Benjamin Foundation who were founded in 1994. They help a wide range of people across the county deal with many of the challenges that life throws at them. They also provide accommodation centres for homeless young people across Norfolk and helps them get back on track. More information about them can be found here

Our bed will be cardboard sheeting, a sleeping bag and whatever warm clothing we can find to help us stay warm and dry throughout the night.

We don't always appreciate our home comforts, but when they are stripped away from us, we get a feel for exactly what being homeless actually feels like. We are only doing it for one night and then we have our comfy warm homes to return to, our hot showers, a warm breakfast and security of knowing that we also have a place to sleep that night.

By seeing things through the eyes of somebody in this situation we can truly provide a better understanding of what is required. The same parallels apply of course when it comes to providing financial advice. By understanding people and businesses better, we can apply our knowledge and provide the most appropriate advice possible.

This is why our investment risk questionnaires are vitally important and why regular meetings are essential to obtain an understanding of up to date issues. Your personal and your financial situation may have changed somewhat since you last spoke to your financial planner. The advice provided by us must be enhanced if you can see a personal or business situation with a clear, up to date perspective. And of course the old adage of "give advice as if it was your own money" will always apply.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our clients, friends, business associates and family members in raising money for our Sleep Out but if you would like to make a contribution, however large or small, this would of course be welcomed. Further details can be found by clicking here

I will let you know how we get on next month. Now where is my sleeping bag.

Ian Howell DipFA MIFS