Bringing Forward Staging Dates

This year will see the biggest 'spike' of companies caught under Auto Enrolment legislation with those with less than 30 employees needing to comply by October 2015. But those with staging dates from 2016 that believe they are worry free until this time, should think again.

With traditional pension scheme providers running at capacity, many are cherry picking the most profitable schemes meaning that, without an enormous lead time, businesses are in great danger that they may not get a 'suitable' scheme in place and in time.

By bringing a staging date forward, employers could avoid this capacity crunch and plan a cost effective scheme without a cloud of penalties threatening from above. Alternatively, shell schemes can be placed now without the need for active membership until the set staging date.

So if you are an employer yourself or work for a small firm, you may wish to pass raise this issue now.

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Simon Linstead DipFA MIFS, Managing Director of Nurture Financial Planning